Welcome to! We offer a unique opportunity for parents to enrich their children with bedtime stories, in the form of mp3 files. It can be played from a mobile phone, tablet or any device that can store and play mp3 files. The focus of the stories is to build character. We believe your children will benefit abundantly from these stories. It can also be used as a tool by teachers to play the files and get children to provide the action. Even if you use the same stories, the actions and costumes will make a big difference. All reasonable usage is permitted, except circulation and resale. A remarkable feature is that, we will in the near future list stories in an accent that your child is familiar with. This will enable your child to relate and enjoy the delivery of the stories. There are also some exiting projects that are planned. Please navigate to other pages for more information. A story night is now at the tip of your finger. How effortless can that be?

Mp3 files are priced at 89p each. Please move the cursor on the story title for a short description.

David and Goliath
Princess Sherina

Music Promotion

Tiael bash
The Retreat